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Delve into the captivating and enigmatic universe of Searching Light, an adventure and puzzle video game set in two parallel worlds, starring a young hero with extraordinary abilities. On this mysterious journey, you'll face enigmatic challenges and discover a world inhabited by fantastic creatures, all accompanied by an immersive soundtrack and an abstract, intriguing artistic style.


Explore the unique mechanics of parallel worlds, where the protagonist coexists in both dimensions, switching between them to unravel the mysteries hidden in each one. As you progress through the adventure, you will discover how actions in one world can have surprising effects in the other, revealing solutions and opening paths towards the unknown.


Face a series of puzzles and challenges, using the protagonist's ability to move objects and solve riddles in this dark and peculiar environment. Cleverness and creativity will be fundamental to overcome obstacles and uncover the secrets of this bewildering world.


On your journey, you will encounter fantastic monsters that bring an additional dimension of danger and excitement to the game. Each creature has been designed with a unique artistic style that complements the surreal and mysterious environment of the two parallel worlds. The magical and strange soundtrack will immerse you even further into the peculiarity and mystery of the adventure, with ambient and enigmatic melodies that will accompany you every step of your odyssey.

Searching Light logo

Dive into the amazing universe of Searching Light and accompany our brave hero in his quest to uncover the mysteries of these parallel worlds. In this exciting adventure full of dangers and surprises, only those with enough wit and determination will be able to unravel the truth hidden in the shadows.

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